J.Igualador & Abogados, is a Spanish law firm integrated by a large recognized lawyers, who provide legal advise, trade and defend our client’s interests.

We assume the highest standard in the development of our profession, which includes the different areas of the Jurisprudence.

Our wide legal practice has taught us, if the queries are managed by the suite of our legal experts, the results obtained are more favorable for our clients’ interests.

Moreover our main goal is offering a clear, rigorous and effective service, guaranteeing a total compromise on the part of our team. Insofar, we provide to our clients with the most personalized, current and detailed information.

On the other hand, proceedings are directed towards mediation before litigation to facilitate a more successful outcome reached through consensus and resolution. However, recognizing that negotiations can stall, making mediation no longer an option, we will defend our clients’ interests in order to get a favorable result in legal procedures.

Our Law Firm is integrated by different legal departments, which build a singular alliance of work towards the collaboration and participation of all our lawyers in any issue, so our client receives a global vision of all eventual possibilities, counselling always the best solution.
Secondly, our relations with different professionals of other fields, which have been established along our trajectory, allows us to complete globally the different areas of work.

Previous anything, the issues are evaluated in a exhaustive way so that the client always could be able to asses approximately as the costs that could be generated, as the possible results.
Once the professional agreement is steady, the development of it will fit in what was outright, with the total respect to legal and deontological norms of each particular case.

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