The Civil law, as a private area focus on ruling private ambit, looks into issues such as the person, obligations & contracts, Property law, law of Succession, Family law, etc, always from the point of view that the State Civil Law is not the only one, unless there are Sub-state Institutions with authority to create, conserve and develop their own law in front of the State Law, which is additional.

Our Law firm works, inter allia, on the following areas:

- General Civil Law.
- Obligations & Contracts.
- Recover Debts Service.
- Damages Claims (road traffic injury claims, property claims, etc.).
- Insurances Law.
- Law of Record (Registry of documents affecting title to real property such as a deed, deed of trust, mortgage, judgment ..)

- Real State Law & Town Planning Law
- Law of Succession.
- Family Law (divorces, separations, relative financial claims and all child related).
- Horizontal Property
- Urban & Rural Tenancy
- Evictions
- Real Rights

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